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Lean and meaty, the backstrap or back fillet of lamb is an excellent cut of lamb with mild, but amazing flavor.

Easy to prepare and quick to cook, backstrap cuts from Majestic Meat Producers are the ideal choice for mid-week meals or when you are in a rush.

The backstrap is obtained from the back of the lamb, near the spine where it is trimmed by our expert butchers from the middle of the loin.

Being boneless, gristle-free and fat-free, this healthy and lean cut of meat is perfect for the health-conscious meat lover.

The back fillet can easily be infused with herbs, seasonings and a choice of marinades for your favorite dishes. Choose this cut for recipes like salads and stir-fries that have very short cooking time. Gently massage the meat with aromatics and leave it to soak in the flavors, before cooking it gently till it is just done.

Order backstrap cuts from Majestic Meat Products to enjoy the distinct goodness of 100% halal, HMC-certified superior-quality meat that is packed with flavor and nutritious. We accept wholesale orders from restaurants, hotels and shops and provide delivery to all addresses in UK. Contact us today to place your order.

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