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Order Brisket on bone from Majestic Meat Products for a delicious cut of meat that is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. This flavorful cut of meat releases its tender flavors upon slow cooking and is the perfect addition to pot stews, soups and slow roasts.

Brisket on bone is taken from the breast or lower chest, and the bone is left in to keep the meat moist and succulent. When slowly braised, the brisket soaks up flavors of accompanying herbs and seasonings and yields rich, meaty dishes with intense depth.

When you buy brisket on bone from Majestic Meat Products, we give you a fantastic piece of meat with just the right amount of fat in the center to ensure it stays moist and the flavors slowly amalgamate into the meat to make it delightfully decadent. Use it in your choicest slow-cooked meat dishes and it will enhance the quality of any meal.

As all other meat products from Majestic Meat Products, brisket on bone is 100% halal and HMC certified. As reliable wholesale meat suppliers for over a decade, we offer timely delivery of orders to all locations in the UK and are your best choice for all big and small orders.

wholesale meat suppliers uk

Brisket on Bone with Fat

wholesale meat suppliers uk

Brisket on bone is known as the cut of mutton from the breast of the animal. It is a very flavoursome cut with a natural layer of fat. Brisket on bone is a firm yet fatty cut which is usually boned and rolled. You can make a very nice pot roast or even braise or poach a brisket. Brisket is a good inexpensive cut and is used in slow cooking.

Enjoy the flavoursome taste when you have Brisket on bone with fat. Sourced from mature, this is carefully prepared to deliver the highest quality. Brisket on bone with fat takes in all the flavours making it the best choice for all meals any day of the week.

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