Chop Racks (Front and Back)

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Super-easy to cook and with irresistible taste, chop racks from Majestic Meat Products are available on order. Front and back chop racks taken from the lamb ribs are an excellent buy for meat lovers, with their melt-in-the-mouth quality and lush meaty flavor.

This premium cut is easy to cook and ensures a smooth, perfectly crisp skin layer over tender flesh in the inside. Light and delicate, it requires very little seasoning and flavors to deliver tender juicy taste.

Ideal for dinner parties as well as for quick weekend suppers, we have chop racks in different sizes. So, you can choose the right size you want, whether it is to serve individual portions for a big group or a smaller roasting joint for two.

Chop racks from Majestic Meat Products look impressive with their clean cut and neat preparation. The presence of bones ensures maximum flavor for the meat. We recommend light seasoning and slow roasting of this tender cut on high heat to bring out its lively flavors and lush goodness.

Majestic meat Products accepts bulk and wholesale orders from restaurants, shops and retail agents. We deal in 100% halal, high-quality, HMC certified meat products only and our company has local and nation-wide delivery services.

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Big Chops Rack

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Order our big chops rack today to prepare impressive and enjoyable presentations like the crown roast or Frenched rack for special occasions. This cut will deliver at least 7 to 8 ribs from the center of the lamb and is perfect for sharing, when you entertain a large group of people.

The Big Rack from Majestic Meat Products boasts of high flavorsome goodness with delicious crisp skin on the outside and lined up succulent lamb chops with tender meat on the inside. Derived from animals in the prime of their youth, the rack is delicate with a light score of fat and soft meat.

We recommend slow cooking of this cut of meat to release the incredible flavors that are unique to it. You can also use it in super-easy recipes with herb-crusting on top for added flavor.

Big chops rack from Majestic Meat Products can be ordered in advance. We undertake local and national deliveries and deal in wholesale supply to restaurants, shops and agents. All our meat is 100% halal and HMC certified. Fresh meat is hygienically prepared and packed by our expert butchers with over ten years of experience, so you get the best cuts of neatly prepared meat that comes ready to cook.

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Ovine Chop Rack with Fat

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This is the prime cut of Ovine especially with fat, racks of Ovine with fat are good for dinner. Parties or even if you are looking to portion control. They are French trimmed to leave ribs clean so they produce a visual appeal as well as save on preparation time. Majestic Meats ensure quality on every item purchased. It is always best to cook Ovine chop racks with fat on a medium flame unless you are slow cooking. This will create tender and juicy racks.

Our Ovine chop racks with fat are so tender and juicy when cooked and are of the best quality, sourced locally and fully matured. You will not be disappointed when placing an order for our Ovine chop racks with fat.

Single Ovine chops

Our delicious Ovine chops are great for all occasions. The chops consist and compromise of tender fillet and loin bringing all tasty flavors together. All our Ovine is from strong bred which means it produces a good level of meat with all even layers of fat.

Lamb chops are a special cut, great for a quick meal or even marinating for a delicious barbecue dish. Lamb chops are simple to fry or griddle soaking up all the flavors and herbs making them succulent and tasty. Each cut is aged in our dry aging room before they are skillfully prepared on the block, trimmed and dispatched fresh ready for cooking.

Fry, grill or oven bake these Ovine chops, they are great for mixed grills. Majestic meat can assure for your guarantee of nothing but the best quality. Unless you are slow cooking, it is always best to always cook lamb medium as it will turn to be tender and juicy.

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