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With high levels of good fats, vitamins, Omega 3’s and CLA’s, lamb fat from Majestic Meat Products is the superior cooking choice for a healthy lifestyle. Clean and pure, without any ugly aftertaste, the fat we supply can be used as a nutritious and heart-healthy cooking agent for shallow pan frying and deep frying.

With endless cooking options, good quality lamb fat is an indispensable ingredient in a meat lover’s pantry. Trade it for your regular cooking agents like butter or oil and add a spike of delicious, meaty quality to any dish you prepare. Use it to roast potatoes or cook up a Shepherd’s Pie with rich lamb fat for exquisite taste and unbeatable flavor. You can also use it as the base for a roux or for a thick gravy.

Order lamb fat from Majestic Meat Products for guaranteed purity and unadulterated flavor. As an HMC-certified company and wholesale meat supplier specializing in 100% halal meat, we have been providing high-quality meat products to restaurants, shops and agencies all over the UK for over ten years. We have delivery options both locally and to any address in UK and guarantee fresh meat and meat products that are hygienically prepared by expert butchers. So, halal meat delivered to your door.

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wholesale meat suppliers uk

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