Heel ON Bone ( also called shanks and Nihari)


This traditional cut of meat is an all-time favorite for its tender, melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness. Perfect for slow-cooking, lamb shank(heel) is an excellent cut of meat for pot roasts and stews that are cooked long enough so tender meat falls off the bone.

The Heel on bone cuts from Majestic Meat Products come with the bone left in for maximum flavor. It is taken from the front and back legs of heritage-breed lambs, and the meat is tough and full of connective tissue. It also has a decent portion of marrow to keep the meat moist and succulent.

The fine cut of lamb shanks from Majestic Meat Products, also called nihari, is the perfect choice of meat for luxurious meat dishes. Each order comprises of neat cross-sections of meat attached to the bone with a marrow covering, with the ample portion of meat and marrow ensuring maximum flavor.

Majestic Meat Products accepts bulk and wholesale orders for Heel on Bone cuts. We consistently deliver high-quality meat produce, sourced from healthy lamb and Ovine. All our meat products are 100% halal and HMC certified. We deliver to all locations in the UK and you are assured of fresh, high-quality products for every order.

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Heel OFF Bone

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Enjoy fully-flavored, succulent and exceptionally tender meat that will tantalize your senses, when you order the Heel off bone cut or shanks from Majestic Meat Products.

This cut of meat is extracted from the thigh area of the animal, a part of the leg that is put to maximum use. Hence it is full of connective tissue and marrow that is immensely flavorful and delightfully tasty when prepared properly.

Being a tougher cut of meat, Heel off Bone is ideally suited for long and slow cooking. Heel off bone cuts work well in slow-cooked pot roasts, soups, stews and other meaty dishes with rich flavors. It can be braised and when tender, served as such or pulled and shredded for sandwiches and similar food items.

The Heel off bone cut of meat from Majestic Meat Products is a classic cut that cooks faster than the traditional cut because it has been deboned. It is sourced from high-quality breeds that are healthy and well-fed, to ensure maximum flavor for the meat.

All meat cuts at Majestic Meat Products are 100% halal and HMC certified. We specialize in wholesale orders for restaurants, shops and agencies. Book our products and we will deliver both locally and to all addresses in UK.

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