Leg off bones pad

hmc halal meat suppliers

Enjoy the delicious taste of flavorsome, tender meat when you use Leg OFF Bones PAD from Majestic Meat Products in your favorite slow roast recipes. Sourced from mature Ovine, this cut of lean meat is carefully prepared to deliver the highest quality.

Leg OFF Bones PAD comes without bones, so it is faster to cook and easier to carve and is the perfect choice for relaxed cooking. The leg off bones meat deeply absorbs the flavours of your preferred seasonings and marinade, making it the superior choice for all weekday and weekend meals.

Whether you like your meat medium rare or fully done, Leg OFF Bones Pad is wonderfully moist and can be cooked to perfection. Season this lean cut of meat thoroughly both on the inside and outside with your choice of herbs and aromatics and add it to your favorite recipes.

Like all our other meat products, Leg off Bones Pad from Majestic Meat Products is 100% halal and HMC certified, nutritious and of excellent taste.

Majestic Meat Products provides wholesale delivery for orders from any location in UK. Call us today to place your order and experience the difference of big flavor and wholesome goodness with our Leg OFF Bones PAD.

hmc halal meat suppliers

Leg off bones full

hmc halal meat suppliers

Relish the wholesome goodness and tantalizing flavor of high-quality, HMC certified, 100% halal meat when you order Leg Off Bones Full Pieces from Majestic Meat Products.

Derived from mature and healthy animals, these cut pieces are full of flavor making them the ideal choice for stews, roasts and casseroles. With the bones removed for easy preparation, you will find this cut easy to season, marinate and cook.

Leg Off Bones Full Pieces completely soaks up the flavors of herbs and aromatic spices, guaranteeing that every dish prepared with it is packed with aroma and tantalizing flavor. Neatly cut to ensure even cooking and browning of the meat, deboned leg pieces from Majestic Meat Products are nutrient-dense while being lean and juicy. Use this healthy cut of meat in a variety of dishes, ranging from pan roasts to stews, burgers and all types of international cuisine.

With high regard for hygiene and stringent quality checks at every stage of preparation, Majestic Meat Products ensures that you receive only the best when you order Leg Off Bones Full Pieces. We undertake wholesale orders from all over the UK and provide competitive pricing for outstanding quality products.

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