Leg ON Bones With FAT

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Enjoy the distinctive taste of high-quality, HMC certified premium meat when you order Leg on Bones with Fat from Majestic Meat Products. As a healthy source of protein packed with minerals and vitamins, this superior cut of meat with all trimmings is expertly prepared with the bone left in by our experienced butchers to deliver excellent taste.

Leg on bones with Fat from Majestic Meat Products has abundant flavor and is a generous cut with a layer to fat to keep the meat juicy. Lush and succulent, the meat soaks up flavors of herbs and seasonings like garlic and rosemary, so every bite is an explosion of wholesome goodness.

Our Leg on bones with fat comes in a range of sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for your needs. Stud it with your favorite herbs and seasonings and slow-cook to release its tantalizing flavors for the perfect meal, whether you are entertaining family and friends or as your regular Sunday Roasting joint.

Majestic Meat Products offers prompt delivery to all locations in UK and excellent wholesale prices for all orders. All meat is 100% halal, fresh and prepared with high adherence to quality standards. Place your order today.

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Leg ON Bones Clean

hmc halal meat suppliers

Leg on bones clean cut from Majestic Meat Products is the ideal choice for delicious and hassle-free cooking. Prepared by our master butchers who leave the bone in for maximum flavor, this superior cut of meat is sourced from mature Ovine/lambs for maximum taste and health benefits.

Perfect for slow roasting with your choice of herbs, Leg on bones clean cut from Majestic Meat Products is a generous cut that is ideal when you are entertaining on special occasions and aiming to impress everyone with your culinary skills.

Whether it is a barbeque with friends, dinner parties or family events, this is the joint to choose for maximum taste. Outstanding flavors with stunning depth and richness are ascertained when you slow cook the fat-trimmed leg on bone to release its natural juices.

Clean and fresh Leg on bone cuts from Majestic Meat Products are available in a variety of sizes to suit specific needs. These are sourced from animals in their prime, to ensure distinctive flavor.

We cater to wholesale orders and provide delivery to all locations in the country. As with all our meat products, our leg on bones clean cuts are HMC certified and 100% halal meat. Place your order today to enjoy our unrivaled taste and high-quality service.

hmc halal meat suppliers

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