Enjoy juicy, lean meat packed with ample flavor when you order the Neck off bone cut from Majestic Meat Products. When properly prepared, this tough piece of meat can make for some truly majestic dishes that never fail to impress.

Neck off bone cut from Majestic Meat Products is sourced from healthy and hearty animals, so it has ample marbling that makes it deliciously moist. After taking the fillet off the bone, the meat is neatly cut and trimmed before it reaches you.

Being a tough cut of meat, neck off bone needs slow cooking to release its excellent flavors. This is a great cut of meat for stews, curries and soups that are cooked with herbs and aromatic spices for long durations. Although it takes a while to stew or braise this cut until it is tender, the effort is worth the resulting unbeatable taste.

Neck fillets from Majestic Meat Products are 100% halal and HMC certified. They are prepared by expert butchers with precise attention to quality and taste amazing. We handle bulk orders from restaurants, shops and agencies and arrange delivery of fresh meat products to any address in UK.

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