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Luscious and flavorsome, salmon cuts from Majestic Meat Products are the superior choice to satisfy your taste for flavorful meat. Prepared from the silverside of the animal just above the leg, these cuts are ideal for roasting and can be used in a variety of meat recipes.

Salmon cuts are elongated slices of meat which are free from gristle, so they can be easily seasoned and cooked without hassle. This tender part of the rump works well in classic favorites like pot roasts and steaks. The generous layer of fat on it helps to keep the meat tender and moist.

Salmon cuts from Majestic Meat Products are succulent and soak up herbs and marinades, ensuring every bit is flavorsome and rich. We recommend slow roasting it at low temperature with your favorite herbs and seasonings for best results.

Order your salmon cuts from Majestic Meat Products online and we will deliver it fresh to your home. We undertake wholesale and bulk orders and have local delivery options all over UK. Our competitive wholesale pricing ensures you get the best deal, and you can choose from a variety of sizes based on your specific requirement.

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meat suppliers online

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