Shoulder ON Bone

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With Shoulder ON Bone cuts from Majestic Meat Products, making a crowd-pleaser is easier than ever. Our specialist butchers carefully prepare this cut of meat by carving it with the bone left in for maximum flavor and to keep the meat succulent and moist.

Shoulder ON bone cuts are taken from the shoulder region of the lamb. Being a part that works so hard, this meat is immensely flavorful and cooks quickly. It is ideally suited for slow cooking recipes like stews and roasts that tenderize meat and bring out its incredible flavors. The texture of this cut blends well with fragrant herbs and marinades to create miraculous dishes with deep flavors that invigorate and impress.

Pick your Shoulder ON bone cut from Majestic Meat Products for your favorite slow-roasting recipes. Sweet and succulent with generous helpings of meat, it is perfect for a memorable Sunday lunch.

With extensive experience in the meat industry for over a decade, Majestic Meat Products select, prepare and store all meat products with close attention to detail. Our great value cuts are all 100% halal and HMC certified. We undertake wholesale supply to restaurants, shops and agents and offer nationwide and local deliveries in UK. Place your order today.

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Shoulder OFF Bone

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Majestic Meat Products brings you the finest quality of rich, flavorsome Shoulder OFF bone cuts for your favorite classic dishes at budget-friendly prices. Whether it is for slow-roasts, stews or steaks, our Shoulder OFF bone cuts are great value cuts for big and small parties.

The Shoulder off bone cut of meat is removed from the shoulder region of the lamb by our skillful butchers, who further debone it with perfection. By removing the bone from inside the joint, it allows for thorough seasoning from both the outside and inside. Add your choice of aromatics and herbs to it and leave this lean cut of meat to slowly cook in its juices to tenderize gradually and yield dishes that tantalize the senses with its deep taste and wholesome goodness.

Our Shoulder off bone cuts have just the right amount of fat to keep the meat tender and moist, making them the perfect choice to create impressive and classic main course dishes.

We source our meat from healthy animals and all our produce is 100% halal and HMC certified. Place your wholesale order today and we will deliver fresh and high-quality meat to any address in UK, whether you are a restaurant, shop or agent.

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