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Our business Majestic Meat is a well known establishment in the meat processing and selling industry. We specialise in carrying out the deboning and separation of meats such as Lamb, and Ovine forming them into different variations of cuts to supply to the catering industry in wholesale.

Our meat production unit was set up more than 5 years ago to add to the market

Our focus and aim are making sure we produce the best quality meat for everyone we cater for, so it can satisfy everybody’s taste. We achieve this by having our own meat processing plant and continued product development as well as working very closely with our suppliers ensuring the meat is produced that tastes great and has a good texture.

The meat we supply to retailers has ensured they are able to service the best meat to their customers all the time.

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Why Us

Our vision

We are very passionate with what we do and we want to strive in producing the best results through focusing on professionalism, meeting customer orders as well as having the highest standards of hygiene, health and safety environment.


Words provide a powerful meaning and we know once we have given our word of commitment, there is no area of fault. We are self accountable for everything we do and say in regards with delivering, producing, hygiene and safety of our business. We promote and practice respect and build trustable relationships with our clients.


We have built an environment, which takes value and pride in everything we do and we always encourage flow of ideas from the bottom up.


Teamwork is very important in our business and we make sure our surroundings are full of trust, acceptance and cooperation where everyone together achieve shared goal. We build each other up and work off each others strengths which in turn help us make the right decisions.

Why choose Majestic Meat for your business?

  • Vacuum packing available
  • Top rated 5* food hygiene
  • Competitive pricing- we can beat any other brands prices
  • No minimum delivery required
  • Dedicated wholesale team- we prepare and deliver your orders every day
  • Deliveries anytime between Monday-Saturday
  • Easy to order service