Leg OFF Bones PAD comes without bones, so it is faster to cook and easier to carve and is the perfect choice for relaxed cooking. The leg off bones meat deeply absorbs the flavours of your preferred seasonings and marinade, making it the superior choice for all weekday and weekend meals.
The leg on bones with Fat from Majestic Meat Products has abundant flavor and is a generous cut with a layer to fat to keep the meat juicy. Lush and succulent, the meat soaks up flavors of herbs and seasonings like garlic and rosemary, so every bite is an explosion of wholesome goodness.
Salmon cuts from Majestic Meat Products are succulent and soak up herbs and marinades, ensuring every bit is flavorsome and rich. We recommend slow roasting it at low temperature with your favorite herbs and seasonings for best results.
Chop racks from Majestic Meat Products look impressive with their clean-cut and neat preparation. The presence of bones ensures maximum flavor for the meat. We recommend light seasoning and slow roasting of this tender cut on high heat to bring out its lively flavors and lush goodness.
The backstrap is obtained from the back of the lamb, near the spine where it is trimmed by our expert butchers from the middle of the loin.
The tenderloin is carefully extracted from the side of lamb, with the meat cut from the underside of the short loin. It is fat-free and nutrient-dense, making it a pricey but great choice for healthy eaters.
Shoulder ON bone cuts is taken from the shoulder region of the lamb. Being a part that works so hard, this meat is immensely flavorful and cooks quickly. It is ideally suited for slow cooking recipes like stews and roasts that tenderize the meat and bring out its incredible flavors.